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I am a young (24) creative & born entrepreneur from Antwerp, Belgium. With a degree in Cross Media Design, experience in Print, Web, Social Media & Marketing (Don’t mind the Sport enthusiast). Looking for a new challenge!

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Bram was 13 when he touched Adobe Photoshop 7 for the first time, three years later his work started to get published worldwide. What started in his closed bedroom, without understanding a single word of English. He learned to work with Adobe photoshop and Illustrator to create!


It was an instinct, from a young age Bram found out how to stimulate others to create exciting projects. To pursue new opportunities!


From the age of 5, along with his brother, Bram competed for 17 years on the track and field. Nowadays this bearded youngster lift and guide other with their strength training program!

 “Bram is a constantly improving as a personality and as an artist. His willing to always produce new work and raise his personal skill bar with every new project is making him one of the most passionate young and talented artists I’ve got the ability to work with!”

Nikolay Vanchev  Interactive Campaign Leader

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 A famous quote by Marianne Williamson, used by Mahatma Gandhi in his speech when he received his Nobel price. “Our Deepest Fear is that We Are Powerful Beyond Measure”



Celebrating Majestic

On The Wall

On The Wall

Inspired by legends

Hello Bank

Hello Bank

Typographic Illustration for Hello Bank



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Design To Brag About

Can you say your previous designer had a unique beard? Or was published in more then 20 countries? Just kidding, I would love to brag about your company!

In-Depth Tutorials

With a handfull of covers and published tutorials all over the web, you can always inquire me for some secret tips for your new workshop or article!

Completely Customizable

Every illustration was created with love and some left-over adrenaline from my previous workout. Together with your crazy ideas, we collaborate on a unique artwork!

Effortless Coaching

You are looking to brighten your creative tools? You’re an intern and need some help with your papers. Use your lucky charm and request my assistance.

Loaded With Power

I promise you, you can count on the strongest version of me. Give me a challenge and you will be rewarded!

Creative Consultancy

You are in the middle of a new exciting project and in need for a smart-ass to boost your online reach? Maybe I can assist you with my knowledge on Sociale Media & Marketing skills?

"Bram's been an awesome asset to Designers Against Child Slavery. Ever since the beginning, he has submitted awesome work and been a huge supporter of the cause. He's got a great attitude and an awesome work ethic. I would highly recommend him."

− John Mark Herskind, Illustrator

"Bram is an amazing illustrator and designer. He always sets out to create fresh and colorful artworks with his distinct style, which has garnered praise & admiration from fans of his work as well as colleagues in the design industry. One of the best in the design scene, and he's just getting started."

− Christian San Jose Owner, Executive Creative Director at Create.ph

"Bram has a great amount of patience and resources to spend on his clients and personal projects, he always makes sure he gets your job done, a very dedicated graphic designer!"

− Pascal Verstegen, Design & Developer at Superpencil

"We are very proud to have a talented artist such as Bram Vanhaeren on our online art platform DigitalBloom.At such a young age, Bram has achieved success of many levels, establishing himself as a prominent artist today as well as helping other causes such as participating in 'Design against Child Slavery' proving that art can make a difference in the world.
His portfolio consists of works which are both unique and abstract, appealing to a wide range of target audiences that explore our digital art platform.

We highly recommend Bram as an artist who is not only blessed with countless creative talents but also an expert in the illustration/mixed media line of work"

− Kay Tien, Artist Management at DigitalBloom

"Bram is a well-rounded designer/ digital artist with a unique flavor. I really enjoy his approach on projects and the balanced look of his pieces, in terms of color and composition. I definitely recommend signing him for your next gig."

− Andrei Ogradă, Art Director at Graffiti BBDO

"I've worked with Bram on several occasions because I know I can always count on his creativity. He's a keen listener which is crucial in the success of any project. Combine that with his creativity and you can leave Bram to do what he does best. Be creative."

− Damian Madray, Entrepreneur & Designer

Don’t be shy

If you have any questions regarding my artwork, a business proposal or anything else i should need to know or help with. Don’t hesitate to email me. I will do my very best to answer all your questions and proposals as soon as possible.

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