Win a limited edition Hovering Art Director action figure.
Have you met the incredibly Hovering Art Director already? He’s the creative visionary who’s here to give you a little help — even if you didn’t ask for it. With the talking Hovering Art Director action figure, inspiration is always close by.

I am giving away one exclusive action figure. Download my source files (.ai & .psd) & let me be your hovering art director for one day. Create your own version. Post it on Instagram or Twitter @BramVanhaeren with #HoveringArtDirector and tag me for some kick ass art directing. All works will be featured in my own Instagram story and at the end of the month, my friends at Adobe Benelux will select one winner! 

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The mission

I'm on a mission to do more. I truly feel alive when I'm creating something new every single day. It's not about the destination, all about the exciting journey. The unseen challenges you endeavor to succeed, the joy & the struggle, self daupth, always moving forward  I'm in love. 

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What's going on?

I'm currently working on my new book "Make More Mistakes" & a new collection of paintings called "Icons". Interested in helping me a hand? Don't hesitate to contact me.

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