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Kid Cudi taught me there are 50 different ways to make it, creating is one part. Play. This is my playground in the creative industry, making things happen to make my colourful happiness louder.

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October 2017 — A collection of paintings on the subject of icons today. A moment to reflect on our society creating icons in sport, why can we easily name handful men sports icons & have to Google the woman? There seems to be a big difference between the label "Icon" for men or for a woman. Let's talk about this.

In a state of flux

October 2016 — In a state of flux. You try really hard to hold on to a special moment. Yet - are you truly able to experience this moment? Distracted by the fast pace of time, notification after notification, all you can see are bits and bytes. You can sense beauty behind this state of flux. For now we only see little parts - but let's embrace the idea, that true beauty is there. Hold on.